Corn Maize

We went on our annual corn maze trip again. This year, we didn’t have all the drama! We went with our neighbors so Jax had an older friend to keep him motivated. I felt like the maze was very short and quick this time, though we found all 10 number markers. Maybe it only lead us through a portion of it?

3 going on 14.The theme this year was fire rescue services, and they had neat vintage firetrucks set up. There was a giant hay stack that Jax was scared to climb on, but he went through the tunnel under it twice.

There were camel rides, which I wasn’t thrilled about (I’m always on the fence about animals being used for that sort of thing), and Jax was scared to go near them. However they had carrots you could buy so I got one of the camels a little snack. That got Jax over to the fence. He though the camel was funny crunching on the carrot! I got a very soft camel kiss on my hand.

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