Gym Shorts


Jax has been homeschooling with me since around June. We’ve been using Montessori methods and it’s been going so well! I’ll write more about it soon, but you can see some of what we do on my other blog.

photoTwo things Jax was lacking was phys ed and group classroom time. He is very outgoing and friendly, but doesn’t have any experience with waiting in line, sitting quietly to listen to a teacher or taking turns.

We’re now combining all those needs and have signed him up for gym class! He is taking a weekly sports class for 3-4 year old. He also gets a 45 minute gymnastics practice session each week.

He arrived for his first day of sports class bursting with excitement! He made friends right away and had a blast learning golf and all the cute songs they sing there. When they lined up and the door and all walked out, he burst into tears. He didn’t want to leave!!

The next evening was his gymnastics practice. He adored that too! He was a little unsure about being on the bar, but he loved the rings and the balance beam. They did a fun “dragon ride” where they pulled them across the room on mats. He thought that was great. When they sat in their circle for their goodbye song, he realized what was about the happen and started crying. It took some effort on the teacher’s part to get him to leave. Poor guy, he just loves it SO much!

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