Corn Maze Drama

Being 2 years old is just *so hard*!

We had a fun day planned at the local fall festival: corn maze, hay rides, corn cannons and corn pits! Snacks and haystacks to climb! Animals and bouncy mats! But I guess we didn’t run it by the toddler first.

Jax just was not in the mood. He pretty much wanted to go home the entire time. He had a little fun in the corn pit (like a sandbox but with corn kernals) but then threw a fit at the suggestion we do anything else. Like laying on his tummy on the ground crying type of fit. Nice. We did get him to do the corn cannon once, but he refused the cow train ride and made us carry him through the whole corn maze. Sigh.

Maybe next year?

We did get him to choose a pumpkin. Hopefully he’ll be into carving it with me next week.

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