Jackson is 3!


How is my little baby already 3 years old?

Photo by Jax

Photo by Jax

I miss the sweet baby days, but he is just SO smart and sweet. I adore him! He is always telling us he loves us. Many times a day I hear, “You are my best friend!” He thrives on learning and is so ahead of where he should be at his age. It blows my mind quite regularly.

IMG_6880  IMG_1615

We celebrated Jax’s birthday at his favorite sushi place, Noku. I baked a from-a-box cake at his request: “Fun-fetti” with strawberry icing and sprinkles.

The sushi master made an adorable “cake” out of rice, fruits and veggies and brought it out to Jax with a candle. (See a video clip here.)

After dinner I lit three candles on his cake and we all sang to him. He blew out his candles and sweetly offered slices of cake to everyone after hearing me do it.

IMG_1616We are having a party for him Saturday afternoon. I know he’ll love seeing all his favorite people and having play time with his friends!

IMG_1623   IMG_1624

I love you, Jackson!


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