Hi from the hotel

Hi from the hotel, originally uploaded by punquin.

So day 1 of the conference is done. We had our mingling cocktail hour. Everyone is super nice, but the most dog people are. I hadn’t eaten much all day so I met up with some local daycare people at the bar and shoveled edemame and hot tea into my mouth. I’m up in my room now, cold and missing my electric blanket and golden retriever bed warmer. Tomorrow is early (for me). I need to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed by 7:45 am. Easier said than done, as I forgot my allergy pills. Tomorrow night I’ll by internet for my room since I need to work. Tonight I’m stuck on my phone, so I can’t get my personal mail. My iPod sees a “free public wireless” but can’t go anywhere on it. Nor can my laptop. Oh well. Night night! Time to not sleep at all because I’m in a strange bed.

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