Busy Busy Busy!

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I’ve been super busy. We have our Halloween/Rock Band party coming up on Saturday and I am really OCD about party planning. But, when I chose the date, I didn’t realize it would be the same weekend as a big annual conference for work. Oops. That meant I’ve had to do as much cleaning/shopping/decorating as possible over the past two weeks. But, add to that the 9-10+ hour work days that are to be expected when we are about to throw a big conference. Oy.

I’ve been working on setting up the craft room all week, and it’s almost done. I have samples of the projects done, but I still need to make little signs. I still have the photo booth I made for my birthday party. I can’t set that completely up until the day of the party because it used my laptop.

Today was the first chance I got to work from home all week, so as soon as I stopped working for the night, I started chores. I inhaled vegan mac & cheeze while standing at the counter, wrapped all my fancy candy pretzels, vacuumed all three floors (plus stairs), bathed both dogs, gathered all the trash, and did 3.5 loads of laundry. Sore.

Tomorrow afternoon I will head to the hotel in Fairfax where the conference will be held. I’ll be staying there – the first time I’ve stayed in a hotel room alone. I head home Saturday morning at some point. Unfortunately, because I am staying both nights, I have to miss the awards ceremony Saturday afternoon to get home and do the final setup.

My first task when I get home will be to bake cupcakes. Dan has agreed to take on the rice crispy treats, guacamole, and sour cream dip (vegan for me). I’m recycling my mermaid costume, so I’ve spent no time on that beyond making sure I have all the parts ready. I know I’m going to be racing around like crazy come Saturday, but I’m sure the party will be fun!

6 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Wow! That’s a full plate indeed! I hope that you get all the things to come together, and have a great time. I’m not big on Halloween, but I can say I think those that throw it all in are fun-fun people.
    Enjoy it all!

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