Coloring Table Cloth

Coloring Table Cloth, originally uploaded by punquin.

I just made my birthday party coloring table cloth for the craft table. I ended up getting a roll of thick, white wrapping paper. I stuck coloring sheets I’d printed on sticker paper on the back side of the wrapping paper roll (the front of the paper was too slippery for markers). Once it’s unrolled itself for a while, I’ll trim it up. Then, I’ll just need to get a plastic table cloth to go under it. It came out cute, and I ever traced a photo of Benny and I for one corner.

One of my two craft projects has arrived, and it is really cute! And, tomorrow, my vegan cupcake recipe book will arrive from Amazon and I’ll pick out my two cupcake and frosting recipes. I already know how I want to decorate one set.

Time to go read in bed, I think. I’m exhausted. One day I’ll catch up on sleep. Barely sleeping during our trip put me really behind in the rest department.

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