It’s Friday, Right?

I failed in my mission to find a coloring table cloth like the Blues Clues birthday one I had 8 years ago. The only one I found was religious and made for crayons (vinyl). So instead, I am going to print out a bunch of free coloring sheets and stick them on to a white paper background. Does anyone know where I need to go to get white paper in a roll that is wide enough for a table?

I’ve ordered my two little craft projects, so the craft table should be ready to go for my birthday party once I figure out what I’m covering it with. I’ll need some party supplies from the local party store right before the event, and I need to figure out what kinds of cupcakes I am going to make (yes, I am baking my own birthday (cup)cake. Sad?)

So far, I have 5 yeses and 5 noes on my party invite. The 5 noes are all going to be out of town on vacation (except the one that lives out of town). Big surprise there. I guess I should have been born in September or something. But 5 yeses is more than double one of my parties when I was little, heh.

I feel crappy today, but it will pass.

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  1. Check your local newspaper printers for rolled newsprint paper. They frequently sell/give away the ends of their rolls πŸ™‚

  2. Also try teacher supply stores. My mom was a kindergarten teacher for years. I’ll always remember the big rolling caddy that had 3-4 ft wide rolls of white and colored paper πŸ™‚

  3. I was going to suggest ‘Butcher paper’, or ‘Freezer paper’, It’s waxy on one side, normal on the other, usually 4′ wide.

    I’d love to come down, but ~sigh~, I’m in Maine, ya know ? I hope that you have a good turn out, despite. My birthday is late March. Everyone is either south, or skiing.
    Birthdays aren’t so much fun…
    Best wishes=

  4. hehe, my boyfriend has the same birthday as you πŸ™‚

    last year i bought a fancy cupcake for my birthday and it tasted awful! so i’d rather make my own hehe, at least i know it will taste good if i make it :3

    i would say try butcher’s paper too… maybe from a craft type store?

  5. Where you could look, too,..

    … are hobbyist/do-it-yourself -stores.Look for wallpapers. You can buy blank ones who are a bit thicker as rolled newsprint paper. πŸ™‚

  6. Staples sells rolls of paper. I know they have the brown paper for packaging and they have rolls of color paper as well.

    It’s cool that you are making cupcakes for your birthday because you can make a lot of pretty ones.

    Martha Stewart Paper Flowers

    Oh and cute hats too

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