A few years ago I gave up on wearing contacts. They are expensive and my allergies make it so I have to be on prescription allergy eye drops to be able to wear them, adding to the expense. Glasses are cute anyway, and hide my under-eye circles better than makeup. Hah!

We ended up with some medical fsa to spend before the end of the year, so I started thinking about fun glasses. I always go into my eye appointments saying I want funky frames, but then leave with “safe” ones because I know they need to go with everything. Well, I already have my safe, every day glasses. And I can get prescription glasses with anti-glare for between $12 – $35 a pair online. From trial and error I know the narrow range of frame measurements that will work on my face. But what fun frame should I pick?

I was thinking of getting the gray version of what I have now, but it isn’t very funky, and is darker than I’d ideally want for a gray pair. Still in the running though.

What is your favorite? If I’m getting them, I have to order before the year ends. I couldn’t get their frame previewer to center the glasses, so use your imagination!

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