Jax’s Christmas List

This post is mostly for family and close friends who have asked about Jax’s wishlist, likes and sizes.

To read about our family portraits, click the photo.

But first a note for all our online and far away friends. Jax (and I!) love mail. He especially likes cards that open and kids’ drawings. If you’d like to send him a holiday card or drawing, he’ll return the favor! Make sure to have a clear name and address we’ll be writing back to. I only have a few extra holiday photo cards, so you’d likely be getting a custom Jax creation.

Jax Segall, 43300-116 Southern Walk Plaza #234, Broadlands, VA 20148-4463

Jax’s Wishlist is an Amazon list of ideas I’ve put together. You could shop from it or just use it for ideas. Here is some of what is on it: I am making him a wooden play barn (for scale, it is being made out of a dollhouse) so any wooden farm animals/vehicles/etc would be great to go along with it. Our “little chef” has a play kitchen and LOVES anything to do with play food. Wooden food sets or kitchen accessories would be a big hit. He loves drawing, painting and stickers. Building with blocks, climbing and sliding. He’s started playing more with musical toys and loves to “dance” to their tunes.

Jax is wearing size 18 months. We are buying larger – 24 months to 2T. He really needs winter footie pajamas in size 24 months that he can wear right away. Sweaters, hoodies and fleece tops. A snow suit and boots. Spring/summer clothes should be 2T. He wears shoe size 6 toddler right now, so I’d go with a 7. He’ll be growing out of his brown loafers soon and has outgrown his black shoes. He loves hats, but has a big head. Go for hats for 2 – 3 year olds! He likes to wear Washington Capitals gear and will say “hockey” and “let’s go Caps!”. He has outgrown his infant jersey and hat.

Random useful things: socks, tableware/cups, place mats (to phase out his highchair tray) and  iTunes gift cards (for educational games).

If you want my wishlist, it’s here. But, Christmas is all about the little ones!

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