Baby Shower

I can’t believe I’ve made it far enough to have just had my baby shower! This pregnancy has certainly not flown by. But, the time for baby’s arrival is getting closer and closer regardless!

The second weekend of the month, our dear friends Johnathan and Mel flew all the way out from California for our baby shower. Mel and my good friend Laura were the organizers. (I will admit that I picked the party’s theme and a few other things…) It was important to me that we had a co-ed shower that was more of a party. More than half of my friends are guys, and I really wanted Danny by my side.

The party was great! Mel and Laura outdid themselves, and I hope I get to repay the favor some day. Danny and I arrived at our neighborhood’s community center to find it perfectly decorated in my aqua and orange rock n’ roll theme. There was an amazing spread of food, thanks to Laura and our friend Rebecca, super tasty cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes, and a craft table for decorating baby onesies. (My craft tables at the parties I host are rather notorious, so it was fitting that they have one for me!)

We kept the games to a minimum, but they were a lot of fun! The first was to see who could drink beer from a baby bottle the fastest. Hah! Obviously, I didn’t not partake. The other game was that everyone cut a length of ribbon to what they though my baby bump size was. My adorable little niece Cassie got it dead on and was the winner!

I was really sleepy by the time we were to open presents. Cassie helped Danny and I open them. We got so many adorable clothes and baby books, as well as some practical items. (Slide Show)

The best part of the weekend was having our friends stay with us. I miss them so much now that they are gone!

After the shower, we had to take stock of what we need before baby arrives. While we got great stuff, there was a lot of important things missing. We pooled Christmas money and a few returns of duplicates and ordered some of the bigger items off of our registries. We are registered at Target, Amazon and Babies R Us if you want to get something for the little one in lieu of a Christmas gift for me. Babies need so much stuff!

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