Happy July!

Time is going both super fast and super slow. How is it already July 6th? I didn’t do anything exciting this weekend. Danny went to a party our friends held a couple hours away. It is easier for him to spend the night out there. As I am not a partier and don’t even drink, I hung out at home with the puppies. We went up to be as soon as the fireworks started so I could keep Benny calm.

China currently has a UTI. She has had one before, poor girl. It is a struggle to get her to take her pills. I had to use cottage cheese when I gave them to her. Last night it was Danny’s turn and Benny ended up eating her pills! Ugh! They aren’t cheap – $60 for 15 of them. He managed to get her to take most of a dose eventually. Looks like it is back to cottage cheese tonight.

My birthday is just 8 days away! If you want to send me a birthday card (or presents! :P) you can send it here: 43300-116 Southern Walk Plaza #234, Broadlands, VA 20148-4463. I don’t know if we’ll end up doing  party or anything this year. I was thinking of doing a cookout, but I’m not sure. My birthday is on a Tuesday and I have a work even the weekend following it, so we’d either have to do it this weekend coming up, or the end of the month. I’m not sure.

I am currently working from home 24-7. The are doing construction at work and it will involve my office door moving walls. I am a little bummed that I will lose the natural light I used to get through my door, but oh well. Im just glad I’ll still have an office to go to! I am going to be rather lonely and stir-crazy after all this time at home.

How are you guys doing? I just figured ut how to get my LiveJournal friend list in my feed reader so I can catch up. However, I still won’t see our entries if it is protected. I just haven’t have time to read a million websites a day!

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  1. Well here’s an early flight of wishes for you————->

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and candles too.
    my Mom turns 80 the day before, so I’ll be taken up by that, but who knows ?!?!

    Finally seeing the SUN -yeah !!!!

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