Brainstorm for me!

I need to design a logo that will print out on our party photobooth images next week, but I need help thinking up what to write! The party will have a money theme, and it is for Laura’s birthday. Guests will be dressing either very rich or very poor. Decorations are green, gold and silver with lots of money, dollar signs, gold chains/beads and diamonds. The photo booth will be shiny gold with metallic green dollar signs (photos coming soon!).

I have about 1″ h x 4″ w to work with. It should mention that it is Laura’s birthday, but beyond that we just want something clever and money/bling/riches-related. If I have room, I’ll add some graphics, otherwise I can bling out the words. We want something catchy or funny that fits with the theme.

Any ideas? Here are some old logos to give you an idea of the space available… (They are slightly cut off in these scans.)2688950433_62e4c4ba513009997267_a03f2b92c1

0 thoughts on “Brainstorm for me!

  1. bankrollers and bums
    rags to riches
    There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money, either.
    A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.

    Maybe more later

  2. I say just bling out the lettering… maybe so they look jeweled like pimp cup or something? I dunno…

    Also I think that was my greatest costume to date! lol

  3. There is a card in “Monopoly” that has the banker pretending to be broke from taxes. A very cool image, I will send it to you via E-mail.

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