Costume Ideas?

Okay, I need help! I am lacking inspiration for my Halloween costume this year, and I need to have it ready to go for our party on the 25th. I generally don’t like to buy costumes if I can sew them, so I need plenty of time.

The big difference this year is that I will have red hair. I can no longer get my favorite brand of braiding hair in light blond, but I have a lot of leftover strawberry blond (I used small amounts mixed in to match my real hair). I decided to it all at once so it doesn’t go to waste. I can’t hide my hair in a wig – there is too much of it. The best I can do is add to it, like with my 80’s pop costume where I crimped loose hair and pinned it in. I like being reasonably unique, but I don’t have to be. Making my own version of something is good enough for me.

So, help me with some ideas, oh great intarwebs! Strawberry Shortcake has red hair, but there are already cheesy costumes out there for that. I could sew a autumny fairy costume. The mermaid costume could come out of the closet (I’d probably wear that one if I went out to a costume contest on Halloween). The braids could be kinda Egyptian, though the color is wrong.


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