My Birthday Party!

My Birthday Party!, originally uploaded by punquin.

Yey! The party was fun! There was a good turn-out. I was happily surprised to see a lot of my coworkers, in addition to Dawn & Tony making it after just arriving home from the beach.

The only thing that went wrong was that our Xbox officially took it’s last breath and went into permanent RRoD. So, no Rock Band. Dan got a 2 year warranty from Best Buy when he got the Xbox (the receipt says 8/26/06). It looks like you have to go online and request a cardboard coffin for it. I’m not sure what that means for our content on the HD. They warranty says it doesn’t cover lost data. Hrm. Danny apparently does not care to play Rock Band anymore, so I don’t think he really is motivated to get it fixed. I love singing on the game and just bought a year of Xbox Live which is now useless. :/

Back to the party! So, there wasn’t any Rock Band, which left the boys to mostly hang out and watch Danny’s Lamb of God dvd. Us girls dominated the craft table. I had set up 8 paint-your-own bobble-head dogs and 6 color-your-own fuzzy velvet jewelry boxes. We ran out of everything!

The photo booth was a hit, and it didn’t fall down, so I was happy. I hung paper clips on the outside of the booth so everyone could display their pictures in a “gallery”. We ended up filling all of the paper clips before the last guest left.

A lot of the girls were wearing dresses so they couldn’t play Twister, but we did have one good round (that I won!) I had to excuse myself from the party for a little while around midnight when I got a bad stomach ache. But, it got a lot better so that I was able to go downstairs to clean up and say goodbye to the last of the guests.

I was so, so happy that Mel was able to fly out for the party! She was a huge help setting up and decorating the rainbow cupcakes. She was with us until Sunday night. I miss her already! I wish Johnathan had been able to come too.

Click here for all the party pictures – including the photo booth shots!

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  1. My boyfriend’s Xbox just recently succumbed to RRoD earlier this month. He went and entered a repair request on the website and they mailed him his ‘xbox casket’ to mail it back to them in. They have you pop out and keep te hard drive and mail them just the xbox itself, so your data should be safe and sound. Hope you get it beck soon! =)

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