Back in the Groove

Hello! I’ve been so busy since getting home that a week has zoomed by. Where did I leave off..?

So, last Thursday, we flew from Cabo back to Los Angeles. Mel and Johnathan picked us up. They were awesome, as always. I was super excited to have real food choices again. We stopped on the way from the airport and I got a gardenburger and fries, then the Starbucks soy chai I have been craving all week. I’m trying to remember what we did after that… I know that Mel and I went to bed before the boys. I was tired.

On Friday, I was up at the crack of dawn, as usual. I never change from EST. J had to work, but we were able to meet him for breakfast. It was a chilly morning, but at least were weren’t stuck in the 100° weather they were having back home. After breakfast, we went to Venice Beach with Mel. It is tradition for us to go and get new necklaces from Tony, who has a table out there. I got a little jade Buddha that he restrung on the beaded string I picked out. Mel and I both got stone necklaces that you wear for 30 days straight when you first put it on. It is supposed to change color (darkness?) if your energy is good. I had to hold off on putting mine on until after the wedding we were going to. Danny got a new Om necklace since his last one fell off. He had him put it on a more secure necklace.

In the afternoon, it was time for Danny and I to drive to the valley and check in to the hotel where my brother-in-law’s wedding was being held. The temperature was about 20 degrees higher there. The hotel was pretty, though we had little double beds. (I had to sleep in my own bed the second night because we sleep all elbows and knees.) After cleaning up, we went to the wedding rehearsal and dinner. It was great to see everyone. My little baby cousins-in-law are getting so big! Dan received an acoustic guitar as his groomsman gift!

Saturday was wedding day. We kidnapped the groom (Dan’s brother) so he wouldn’t have to worry about running into the bride. We had breakfast and took him for a haircut. When we got back to the hotel in the afternoon, Danny went off with the groomsmen to get ready in the groom’s room. I relaxed in our room then showered and dressed for the wedding. When I headeddown to the lobby, everyone was already gathering outside. The ceremony was beautiful, but it was difficult for anyone see see because of how they positioned the bridal party like a wall in front of the bride and groom. There was a cocktail hour afterwards with a great a capella group. The reception was indoors with a DJ. Danny did so well with his best man toast – he made the ladies tear up at the end with his sweet mention of me. Everything was lovely and they really tried to make the guests feel welcome. There were baskets of slippers by the dance floor so you didn’t have to dance in heels. I danced a few songs with the cousins when Danny was out smoking a cigar from the cigar bar. There was a lounge set up later in the night that had snack foods like pizza and hot dogs. There was this great photo booth with hats and boas. You’d take you pictures then make a scrapbook page for the bride and groom with all the stickers and markers they supplied. There was also a huge table of mini photo frames for your extra photos. It was a really pretty wedding.

Sunday morning we visited with the family some more before driving back to J & M’s place (we had stolen their car for the weekend.) They took me to Hollywood to their favorite piercer. I really wanted to get a forward helix piercing, and I figured I’d get it done out west since they already had a piercer they were happy with. It was so hot that combined with my travel anxiety and we feeling a little yucky when we first got there. A quick trip to a 7-11 for a water bottle and I was good to go. The piercer was great. I think I maybe over-tipped, but I am terrible at figuring out tips on services. I appreciate when I get good tips at work, though, so I gave her $10 on the $45 piercing. I had to pay first, so I told her to take good care of me. It was quick and painless (though I have no problems with needles at all) and I love how it looks.

We flew home that night on the red-eye. We upgraded to first class when we got the the airport since they had 2 left and it was a good price. Thank goodness we did! Turns out nearly our whole flight was a class of 8th graders flying to Washington, D.C. Yikes. I didn’t sleep, but the chair was comfy and I made good use of all the free upgrades by eating dinner, watching a ton of pay tv shows and a movie. There is a chat feature on Virgin America and at one point, seat 19A wanted to chat. Haha, probably an 8th grader tying the wrong row number.

I’ve been busy getting back into my work routine this past week. On Wednesday we had a baby shower for a coworker. I stayed up the night before sewing her a baby blanket and embellished onesie. Laura stayed over backing super cute mini brownies. That night we went to the Iron Maiden concert. It was kick ass!

I have more to say, but I’ll do it in a separate post. Here are some photos:

1. On our private terrace, 2. On our private terrace, 3. Our Suite in Cabo, 4. Sun Bathing, 5. Terrace View, 6. Beach Walk, 7. Beach Walk, 8. Eating at Mi Casa, 9. Necklace, 10. Necklace, 11. Wedding Ceremony, 12. Wedding Ceremony, 13. Wedding Reception, 14. My Dress, 15. Wedding Photo Booth, 16. Healing

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  1. I thought I saw you at Dulles on the 16tf of June?? I was waiting for a flight out to Florida and swore I saw you. It was early morning.

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