Rock Band Party

On Saturday, we had Dan’s birthday Rock Band party. It was a lot of fun! We wore costumes and band tees like last time. We spent entirely too much money on having the party catered, but it was super tasty! It was great seeing friends that we don’t see enough of now that we are out in Ashburn.

1. Haha…, 2. Jack & Britt, 3. Jack Rocks Out, 4. The Venue, 5. Taco Time!, 6. Rock Out!, 7. Rock Out!, 8. Rock Out!, 9. Rock Out!, 10. For those about to rock…, 11. Tattoos, 12. m/, 13. Moose!, 14. Party!, 15. Crazy Nails!, 16. m/, 17. m/, 18. Rocked too hard…

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  1. Happy Birthday to Dan!!

    I don’t know if I have a non-LJ way of getting in touch with you all, but we’re having a party for moi next saturday. Drop me a line if you guys are interested.

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