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It’s me again! I’m trying to do a brain dump today during lunch since I’ve had so little time. More to come, even!

So, in April we have a party to go to in California. It’s is Danny’s Grandma’s 80th birthday and the entire family is getting together for the first time in something like 10 years. We couldn’t exactly be the ones to ruin that, could we? Our trip will be super brief. We are flying there on a Saturday, the party is that night. We are staying one night in a hotel, then taking the red-eye home on Sunday.

The party is being held in a country club and starts at 6 pm. The invite says, “drinks, dinner and dancing.” The dress code is “country club casual”.

There is where I need help. “Country club casual?” Wha? Between asking Grandma and searching online, I gather it is on the dressier side of business causal (especially since it is an evening affair.) Danny already purchased his outfit – some great pants and a button-down shirt. But, I’m kind of at a loss. I do have a dress that I bought last year and wore to two different events – a wedding and a holiday party. But, since it is from Delia’s, a Juniors clothes store, it doesn’t have a very adult vibe. (See the dress here) When I wore it to the wedding, I wore fancy silver heels. To the holiday party, I wore knee-high black boots. Neither seem right for the occasion (one is way too dressy, the other too wintery for April in California.) So, if I wear the dress, I need to find shoes that would make it appropriate.

So, what do you think, dear readers? Is that dress too juvenile or dressy? If not, what kind of shoes would I need (I’d also need a sweater or wrap)? If that dress is not right, can you send some ideas my way? It needs to be a size 0 or 2, or easily altered while I still have time for a tailor. Links, please!

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  1. I think that dress is perfect for “country club casual.” I would pick something like that, and just wear some sandals (with heels). I think it should be warm enough by then.

  2. IMHO that dress would be fine, I’d go with the heels over the boots though šŸ™‚
    I find Loft is a great place to shop for occasions like that, they even have small sizes.

  3. If you are still a bit apprehensive, I’d suggest a dress that falls below the knee (I do not believe this one does). Most country clubs have strict rules about appropriate attire and you may be able to find that information on their website, for instance “day” wear and “evening” wear are typically two different things, especially if you are a particular dining room. However if this is apart from the main building then you may be able to just go even more casual than what they let on.

    The color is great on you btw!

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