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Hi, how are you? I am sick again – I caught my friend’s cold just days after recovering from my last one. Which is fine, shit happens. But, now I feel horribly guilty that I am sick still. Like it is all my fault. I’m just trying my best to ignore my cold as much as possible. it’s only hard at night when I can’t breathe at all, despite the Nyquil.

Merry Christmas Eve. I am working. From home, though. I am only doing a partial day – just one project that has to be done today. I was told I might as well be working, because otherwise I’d just be “sitting on my ass.” Actually, I’d love to clean the house, or work on painting the front room, as I have been for the last few days. Or even work on my portrait of the dogs, update my website, or practice the drums. But, I was told I wouldn’t, and made to feel like I really don’t ever clean or do anything productive at all. I must just be taking things too personally due to lack of sleep. I let things get to me.

So, we’re not doing anything for Christmas this year. I have a little table-top tree up, but that is it. We’ve given each other a few gifts, but we haven’t been wrapping them or saving them for Christmas. It will just be another day – though, one that I have off. I work the rest of the week. Dan has off today through next year.

I should get my work over with, I guess. None of my coworkers are online. I’m not sure if any of them are working today.

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  1. Ugh, I hope you feel better.

    We’re not doing much for Christmas either. We have no decorations and all our presents are already given. Christmas will be just another day, except I don’t have to work. I guess we ARE going over to the inlaws for most of the day, so I guess that’s a little bit of celebrating.

  2. If no one’s told you they love you today…

    Well…I do! I hope you feel better soon…I hate colds too and iam flirting with one now. Christmas is a little different for me this year too since my mom died this past feb. I miss her…she was really into Christmas and made it so much nicer for us. I hope your Christmas will be ok…better then you think it will be. Your a busy girl…aleast for as long as i’ve known you thru this journal…the hell with what other people think. Merry Christmas Punquin!

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