Autumn Neediness

Autumn is finally here! It’s been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s recently, so it’s nice to finally have a breezy day in the 60’s.

When the weather turns like this, I think of all my favorite fall things. I’m really excited about Halloween (duh!), and on Saturday we are going apple-picking and pumpkin-buying. We may even go to a haunted house. We did a corn maze last year that was really fun. We’ve already finished off our first pumpkin pie of the season, and I’m ready for another one.

Of course this weather makes me want to shop for clothes. Actually, if I could skip the shopping part and just have new clothes, it would be perfect. I hate to shop. But, I tend to buy things cheaply (Target, Old Navy, etc…) so my long-sleeve shirts and sweaters have to be replaced after a year of wear. The shirts start to unravel at the hem and get these weird bleach spots in the laundry (we don’t even own bleach!?) and holes in the shoulders. My sweaters, being cheap, pill up like mad. It’s time for a new fall jacket, too. My aqua blue coat from Target 2 years ago is ready to be donated. (My winter coat, however, is still great after 3 years. It was an $80 splurge at H&M.)

Of course I get all these urges for warm clothes when we have no money to spend. New fences aren’t cheap. Neither is car tax. I at least amused myself with some “window shopping” at Target and made a wishlist there.

I do need to go to the mall. I was potentially thinking of going tonight. I need to get undies for under my costume and I want to check both department stores and specialty shops very soon so I have time to order some online if I have to. And, I got a fun Halloween decorating idea from a magazine that requires some cheapie novelties from a toys store. Oh, and a necklace/earrings for my costume (Though, I may need to make it myself. I think buying would be cheaper in this case.). It’s at this point that Danny would say, “Need, need, need…” I know, I know.

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  1. My wife suffers from a lot of those same symptoms. I’ll make sure I post a picture of the costume she’s working on for Liam’s first Halloween when she’s done with it. I think we were planning that costume almost as long as we were planning him.

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