Finished Costume!

Top and Pants, originally uploaded by punquin.

Despite fence painting most of the day, I managed to finish the bulk of my Halloween costume tonight! I still need to design/sew the thing that will wrap around my ponytail. I have to find or make some jewelry that matches (including a tikka). I have to get nude-colored undies for underneath the pants. My genie lamp is on order.

Now I just have to work on Danny’s costume! I am hoping for minimal sewing on his. I need to go thrift store shopping…

Front View

19 thoughts on “Finished Costume!

    • No, just a ponytail on the top of my head. But the braids will remain. I’m not spending 15 hours taking them out and putting them back just for Halloween.

      • The topknot might be more than enough to paint the effect. You’re certainly right that unbraiding would be a wasted effort.

        I don’t know if you’ve got a scrap of that more transparent material, but I’m also wondering about a half veil. That could be pretty hot. Maybe with some sort of heavy eye make-up? Hm.

        Looking forward to seeing the final shots with everything in place.

        • I’m definitely going to play with makeup, and my hair will be very “I Dream of Jeannie”. I do have some leftover sparkle organza that I am going to play around with, but it is stiffer than normal veil material (so the pants would hold their shape). I may do a veil attached to my headpiece that I can wear either to the front or back.


  1. The costume looks great! I am actually planning on hitting up the thrift stores when I get back home as well. Of course I have to find some good locations first. If you want we can try to go to some together? That is if you haven’t already gone by the time I am back home.

    • Sure! When do you get home?

      I don’t have my nav system this month since it’s getting fixed, and I’ve never thrift-hopped in VA before, so it will be interesting trying to find stores…

      • I get back on the 12th.

        I haven’t tried to go thrift store shopping in VA before so it should definitely be interesting. I will try asking around and see if anyone knows of any good places in the area. Maybe we can hit the thrift stores while the boys watch football;>?

          • And I suggested our plan to the boi over the phone and he agreed;> I also posted about thrift stores and folks have already replied with a few;> Is there a Sunday that works for you two?

          • This coming Sunday works, beyond that, I have to check with Dan. I know we have a music festival coming up the weekend after, but I don’t know what day.

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