Buddha Painting

Buddha Painting, originally uploaded by punquin.

Saturday, Danny bought me new paints! I finally got to finish my Buddha and lotus blossom painting. I am really pleased with how it came out. It’s really nice to get back into painting. Very therapeutic.

FoyerLotus Close-UpBuddha's FaceFoyer Table

We also stumbled upon a rug for the foyer. West Elm had a sale on one we really loved. The dogs are in love with it too… I see a lot of vacuuming in my future!

Today we got to hang out with Tony and Dawn! I’ve missed spending time with them. We are all going to try to hang out more, despite our crazy schedules. I really don’t have many friends, so I am glad!

Bed, bed, bed! I have a busy week ahead of me, which surprisingly doesn’t include filling in in the dog daycare. They are having someone else fill in, so I can get my real job done! I’ll sneak out of my office occasionally to say hi to my favorites, though. Cause that’s how I roll…

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  1. did you do the painting from scratch or is there some technique behind it? it looks really great and i have a yoga teacher friend whom i’d like to paint a similar painting to, thus the question… heh. .)

    • I did it from scratch. I sketched my Buddha statue on a blank canvas then painted it in shades of red with gold highlights. The lotus, I based off a couple photos I printed out, though I made it gold instead of white and pink.

      • wow, thans.. i wish i was that talented to do it from scratch. i think its rather difficult to get the proportions and that stuff right.
        anways good job, you sure are talented. 🙂

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