the crazies are out!

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My dad, who reads my journal, was apparently showing my mermaid costume photos to some friends at work. Here is what he sent me:

Hi hon,

I was showing your mermaid photos to some friends. The most common first comment was “Did you let her go to school dressed like that?”

After that came the other remarks: “Beautiful, and the costume’s not bad either”. Talented, as in “She made that herself?”

Good job
(who is proud of his 16-year-old daughter 🙂

Apparently, I look young enough in that costume to be in high school, hehe.

We went to the drug store to pick up Danny’s prescription after dinner. Wow, there was a super crazy lady there. The sweet pharmacist had bagged up all these heavy glass bottles for her and was trying to fit them all on the little pharmacy counter when a few toppled on their sides. A minute later, the crazy lady was at the drop-off window where the pharmacist had moved to and was yelling that she threw the bags at her. Crazy lady then shoved the bags HARD at the pharmacist twice. She continued to yell at her and asked for a manager. The pharmacist paged one and crazy lady didn’t believe her and grabbed or hit her on the arm. The pharmacist lost it, burst into tears, and ran to the back. I nearly cried too. The manager came and crazy lady didn’t seem to believe that he was a manager. The customers were all telling her to calm down and murmuring how insane she was and ‘that poor girl was in tears…’ By then, crazy lady was convinced the pharmacy had stolen her credit card. All the pharmacists looked while she got more belligerent. She made them call the girl in tears back up, who said she gave the card back to her. Not once did I see the lady check her bags or pockets. The manager offered to help her call and cancel the card, but she refused. She demanded he call the police and he politely denied her request. So she started bellowing on that her dogs were in her car and someone had better give her a phone right away so she could call the police. “The number is 911, right?” she asked. The police got her off the phone real quick. You don’t call 911 with that kind of bullshit. It sounded like they just suggested she write down the manager’s name. We got the hell out of there after that, as Danny had finally been rung up. Sheesh.

We handed out candy together when we got home, while playing a game of darts. We didn’t get too many kids, but I had only bought two small bags of candy and a bag of Halloween rings anyway. Half the kids were dressed up, the others had lame costumes like normal clothes with a little face paint or a cape. Back in the day, our neighborhoodgot so into dressing up. Well, obviously, I still do!

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