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Two days in a row! Holy shit!

So, on the way home from work yesterday, Danny and I stopped by the mall. I bought some body glitter and a little sparkly eye shadow compact for Halloween. I ended up getting the glitter from one of those little girly accessory stores (Claire’s) because I wanted to find that roll-on gel that just gives you a little sparkle in the light. The costume shops only had really heavy goopy glitter gel that read “do not apply around eyes” (despite having a photo on the package of a girl wearing it on her eyes.)

After dinner I made a crown for my mermaid costume out of sea shells and pearls. I also got started on boobie #2 of my sea shell bra. It is a huge pain in the ass to hand sew all those shells on because the thread constantly catches on all the shells. I am using real shells, so that bitch is getting heavy! I want to finish sewing the shells on tonight, then add some pearls and sew the linings in. I still have 295,753,385 sequins to sew on to my skirt. Oy!

I am pretty sure I know what I am doing before the club on Saturday. Kollin and I will do dinner, then I’ll get ready at his place, force him to get photographic evidence of my costume before all my hand-stitching falls apart, then we’ll head o the club. Hopefully his wife will be able to join us at the club as well. I had been thinking that if I wanted to stay longer, I could get a ride home with someone else, but then I realized I’d have all my stuff in Kollin’s car (because I don’t want to go to dinner in costume – but wouldn’t it be funny if I went to a seafood place in it!). So I will probably roll out after the costume contest like he plans. Who knows, maybe it will be too hard to dance in my tight skirt anyway!

Tell me what you all are dressing up as for Halloween (unless it is a secret)!

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