The Dust Will Settle Soon…

Yeah, things are changing here. Here’s the short and sweet of it:

I was losing the battle to try to get 13 years of photos and content re-added to my members after switching it over to WordPress. I was running into a lot of road blocks and running low on time! Since I had to downgrade to one webcam that is part-time (I nurse at the computer, so it has to be off a lot) and not a lot of content was up yet, it wasn’t making sense to keep the password protection up.

Jax took this photo of us...

The password management system was a huge thorn in Danny’s side and was throwing non-stop errors into the logs. The final straw was when Danny recently upgraded PHP on the server. Things broke, and I wasn’t really sad they did. I was ready to say goodbye to ancient (and often unsafe now) code and start fresh.

So here is the final plan… We moved the blog to be the main landing page for the site. If you subscribe to my feed or have the blog bookmarked, you may need to update your links. You can catch the feed here. I will be posting personal diary entries and photos, plus featuring old entries and content from throughout Stvlive’s history several times a week. It’s going to be some serious blast-from-the-past business up in here, people! I think this will be a fun way to gradually add content back to the site.

The webcam is now simple and sweet. Check it out up there at the top of the page! I added a Twitter button so you can say hi if I’m on the camera or just send me a message. Anything with @punquin will get tome right away.

I plan to have the majority of the About Stephanie section done by the end of the weekend, including my updated life story.

The majority of craft and parenting posts will be on my family blog, and I will link to some featured posts regularly. There may be some cross-posting at times, but I’ll try to keep things pretty fresh here.

So… What do you think? And, can you believe I started this site in March of 1998?!

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