We made it home in one piece, despite the 30″ of snow. Danny came home this morning to shovel while Jax and I had our last checkups and tests before discharge. We found a gift on our porch from some neighbors and two others had teamed up to shovel us a parking space. I cried, being the hormonal mess I am. 🙂

I’m doing well, healing up, but extremely sleep deprived. Hoping to grab some z’s during the Super Bowl. I still have a bad cold, but it’s on the mend.

Jackson is perfect, even though he’s decided he couldn’t possibly ever sleep at night. His jaundice level isn’t to a point where he’d need treatment, but we are watching it. Jax’s Dr. will look at it tomorrow at our appointment. We are hoping that when the real milk comes in, he’ll be easier to get into a routine.

Must try to get an hour or two now before Mr. Hungry needs to eat again so I can kick this cold!

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