jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?

stephanie is: clean clean…
last night i had a productive “day”. i got all 500 march pictures added. that took a while. i had “lunch” at 4am of plain instant grits and cinnamon-apple-raison bread toast. after that i braided until i finished at 9am. danny stopped by dunkin donuts on his way home from work, so we had some before watching tv in bed and going to sleep at noon. i got up at 6pm, danny is still asleep. i just finished showering. my braids are always very heavy when wet, but combine that with sore tight scalp from rebraiding and ow ow ow. but it feels so good to be rid of all the itchy shed hairs.

this morning i was talking to vaewyn in my chat/irc channel about the genetics of eye color. he mentioned he and his wife both had blue eyes so their future children would too. i was pretty sure my whole family had blue eyes exccept for me with green. so that got me curious as to how that happened. my dad confirmed that they all had blue eyes (Your mother and I are both blue with touches of green. I think Chris is too. He has to be since genetically blue eyes are recessive. Blue eyes and light colored hair are common in Scandinavian counties like Finland.) and vaewyn said “true green eyes are really just a shade of what usually is blue… yellow green are actually light browns with a blue factor… the light brown is yellowish and the blue turns them greenish (kindof like green eyed cats) … yours are blue… just have a green factor in them… :}” to which my dad agreed (Your friend isright on. You inherited blue eyes and the green is “just you,” though the tendency runs in the family.). huh! i never knew that… i guess i am just a weirdo that had to be different. so if danny has hazel eyes and i have green eyes that should have been blue, what color babies would be have? er, baby eyes i mean.

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